AISO Founding Conference Nov. 5th - 7th St. Petersburg, FL

Help build the African Internationalist Student Organization (AISO)!

There is a crucial need for African youth to join the African Revolution and to develop the intellectual as well as material capacity of the African Liberation Movement. This is a call for African students to join our revolutionary process. All students who recognize the need to struggle against imperialism and its variant forms (i.e. colonialism and neocolonialism) are encouraged to creation AISO branches throughout all of the educational institutions in which we are enrolled.

The African workers and poor peasants need your skills and creativity to enhance our revolution. As revolutionaries joined in collective struggle, we will challenge the imperialism and colonialist education inculcates an inferiority complex in our minds. We will create a revolutionary intellectual process, which will obliterate the reactionary educational process that is omnipresent educational institutions in which you are entrapped! Joining in the struggle also means abandoning individualist approaches to education and joining in the collective approach which will benefit the African nation and lead to a united socialist Africa which will lift the oppressed and exploited African masses throughout the world to total liberation. We are calling for African students and youth to seize the time and advance the African Revolution!

African People have a blood responsibility to the African nation - which is scattered all over the earth to enter the world revolutionary process. In the past, particularly in the black liberation movement of the 1960s, African students have lived up to their responsibility to the African nation. African students must reconnect with the 21st century AISO slogan: Education for Liberation and Unification! This slogan recognizes that the revolutionary mandate of students to join in the African liberation movement

@ The Uhuru House -1245 18th Ave. South St. Petersburg, FL 33705

Students will be coming from the Syracuse University, Howard University, Hampton University, Prarie View A & M University, Alabama A&M and more!


If you are interested in attending or organizing students to attend contact:


Tel: 727-821-6620