APSP 5th Party Congress July 10th - 14th

On July 10-14, 2010 Africans from throughout the world will come together for the 5th Congress of the African People's Socialist Party (APSP). Calling African people worldwide and all freedom-loving peoples to witness and play a part in this history-making event.

This Congress will lay the basis for the continued consolidation of the African Socialist International (ASI), a worldwide African organization aimed at overturning the capitalist system which keeps the peoples of the world in bondage.

Leaders of other colonial and oppressed peoples, revolutionaries and progressive organizations from throughout the world will also be attending.

The 5th Congress of the APSP will give a complete assessment of the state of the black world and what is to be done to change our relationship to colonial white power. This Congress will lay the path to Black Power and All Power to the People!


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