About Us

The African Internationalist Student Organization works tirelessly around the world to rally and unite colonially oppressed and disposed African students under the revolutionary ideology of African Internationalism. AISO's work is done with the conviction that students play an integral role in realizing the platform of the African People's Socialist Party, which consists of aims and objectives that will set African people free.
More importantly, for the platform of the Party to be realized AISO engages students in political discussion while educating students around the world so that African students come into conscious participation in the struggle to liberate and unite Africa and African people worldwide. In addition, by bringing revolutionary politics back onto the campuses the process allows the best of African students to be brought into active AISO membership as the advanced detachment of all African students. As well, the educational process or education for liberation and unification, allows AISO to be the vanguard student organization of African students worldwide.
A fundamental requisite of membership in AISO requires that students unite with the basic line of the Party and spread the influence of the African People's Socialist Party as the primary representative of applied African Internationalism and the advanced detachment of the African working class. AISO's constitution, which is the blueprint for how AISO is to project itself into the world, ensures that students represent the class interests of the African working class and poor peasants.
Likewise, it is the purpose of AISO to educate students to embrace the vanguard role of the African workers aligned with the poor peasants in the international struggle for African liberation, unification, and scientific socialism. Not insignificantly, AISO gives students the opportunity to play their role in the final destruction of parasitic-capitalism and imperialism, so that humans have a chance to live in a world that has true justice, peace, and equality.